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Booking an a Appointment

You can book an appointment to visit me at my studio or post your quilt top to me.

Once I receive your quilt top I will have a consultation with you to discuss your wishes. With your input and my guidance, I know you will be delighted your finished quilt.

Threads & Patterns

I have many different colours of thread to choose from and included within the quilting price. I offer simple freehand, pantograph and custom quilting.

I have hundreds of quilting patterns and are able to source patterns if you have a particular theme in mind. All my patterns can be enlarged or made smaller to suit your quilt top.


I am very happy to help you with your binding and we offer a 2½in double fold straight of grain binding with mitred corners. I can machine sew your binding to the quilt top ready for you to hand finish, or we can machine finish your binding for you. If you wish to use this service I will be happy to give you a quote.

Preparation of quilt Checklist, important.

• Do not baste your quilt – Your quilt goes on my long arm machine in three separate layers so there is no need to baste.

• Trim any loose threads so darker threads won’t show under light fabric. This really does make a difference, particularly for white and contrasting quilts.

• Your backing and wadding need to be at least 15cm larger on all sides. This is the ideal size we like to work with. However, if your backing is a little shorter than these measurements then do contact me to check before making any alterations to your backing.

• Trim any selvedges and press open seams on backing joins.

• It is fine to leave the selvedges on outer edges of backings as eventually they will be trimmed.

• Square up your backing.

• If your quilt is directional, pin a note indicating the top end.

• Have your quilt insured if you are posting it. This is worth doing and you can do this on line at When I post quilts back I always have them insured.

• I welcome all visitors but I do advise you to book an appointment with me first, I look forward to seeing you Monday to Friday 09.00 to 17.00 and am happy to have you visit in the evenings or weekends necessary.

Longarm Quilting Price List

The prices listed are a guide to my edge-to-edge quilting and you will receive a full quote once we have viewed your quilt. I use high quality Superior threads which are included in the price You can bring your own batting or I can supply it, check out the price below.

I do my very best to ensure a quick turnaround but if you need a guaranteed one week turnaround then you can take advantage of my Priority Service when on receipt of your quilt I will have it quilted and returned to you within a week. The extra cost of this service is DKK 500 on top of the regular quilting price.

If you love hand quilting I also offer a basting service. I know sometimes basting a large quilt at home can be very difficult so let me take the strain out of it so you can just enjoy the pleasure of hand quilting – The cost for this service is DKK400.

Price includes the use of my standard range of pantographs FREE thread and free consultation. You just provide the top, batting and backing.