Dream big, sliced!

Two panels, sliced up and stitched together again. Super fun, super easy, super gorgeous!

The Fractured Flowers pattern was designed around Hoffman California Fabric’s Dream Big flower panels.  This pattern makes a beautiful small wall hanging or table topper.

Approximate size: 49″ x 49″ 

Pattern available at https://helenejuul.dk/butik.htm


Denmark is literally awash with wildflowers, no matter where you walk, inland or on the coast, they are there in abundance. When I walk here it is impossible to be in a hurry, I keep stopping to admire or smell the flowers, curious as the their danish name, or to watch the birds and insects busy about their daily chores in, on and around the flowers, sometimes I come across a hare or some deer, both run like the wind when they see me but usually if I sit still long enough they forget I am there and take no notice.