Herdis quilt.

Herdis sent me her quilt rather than bringing it herself as she lives a long way off. It was delivered to me over night and once quilted I returned it overnight to her, it all worked out very well so if you are too far away to deliver your quilt personally then think about posting it to me, Denmark and signed for only.


Herdis sent her quilt already spray basted, I was unsure if Daisy the quilting machine would be happy with this and I had to add extra fabric to the sides to enable me to attach it to the frame.


It all worked out just fine, I had wondered if the glue would be a problem but it was not.

I quilted it with an all over feather meander in a med gray thread.


Once off the frame I trimmed off the extra fabric ready for binding.


Remember, you dont have to baste your quilt before giving it to me, just give me your quilt top. backing and batting and I will do it all for you and if you would like me to trim your quilt after quilting I will be happy to do that for you too.




The finished quilt complete with binding.


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