AnneMarie’s black beauty!

AnneMarie’s hand stitched Kaffe Fasset fabric stars on a black background is stunning.


Before it was trimmed. Just look at the amazing stars they really stand out on the black background.


With all the quilts I quilt I like to make sure there is no fluf or lint on the top before I start quilting. Its espically important with black quilts. As you can see below even one tiny bit of fluff shows up. it was quickly removed with masking tape! I used black batting as it keeps the black in the fabric black, if you know what I mean.


I thought it would be nice to reflect the swirls and leaves in the bright fabric, we choose a very dark pink thread for the blocks and decided to keep the sashing and border simple in black thread, there is also a tiny four petal flower in each corner stone.

The blocks are all hand stitched by AnneMarie, wow what work.



Here’s the back.


I like that AnneMarie used some of the star fabric on the back, its a pieced strip using fabric from all the stars.




Finally here’s AnneMarie’s quilt after she has added the binding using strips of all the star fabric, what a beautiful quilt.


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