Jakob’s quilt for the outdoors

My friend Maria’s chap Jakob wanted a warm quilt to take with him when he went camping.


He had some heavy weight camouflage fabric and some ideas.


He came along with Maria one Saturday and we spent the day cutting and sewing, Jacob liked the idea of the rag quilts so luckily, I have an 8” rag square die for my Go cutter which cut the cutting time by 90%. Jakob also had found some lovely batik fabric to compliment the camouflage, he arranged the squares into a super design.


We had the quilt top finished in a day.

Jakob and Maria found some camouflage fleece for the back and while I had never quilted a rag quilt on my longarm before I thought I would give it a go. It took some time to quilt as I had to hold back the fringes with one hand to get as close as possible to the edge but I think it was worth it, Jakob really wanted some leaves on the quilt so I quilted different leaves in each block and meandered the rest.


I think with the heavy fabric, layer of batting and the fleece backing that Jakob will be warm enough even on a chilly night in the woods!


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