Experimenting with stretch

I made a scrappy toddlers quilt and found s super backing print with toadstools on it, only one snag it was in stretch cotton, I bought a couple of yards to experiment.


I wanted flowers and bees in the quilting I decided to use a couple of pantograps, (self print from http://www.urbanelementz.com) and some freemotion quilting.

I dis 2 rows of flowers, one row of bees and one row of loops to mimic the bees flight then back to 2 rows of flowers and so on.




It quilted up OK with the strech fabric but I did have some issues with the bottom and the edges they did strech a bit and I dont think it would be wise to use stretch cotton for a bigger quilt on the frame, maybe on a sit down machine.


Such cute toadstools, I had to try.


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