New class with Julia Triston


Email a Brenda at to book your place and more information.


You will learn the techniques of couching and applying with decorative stitches, making wrapped cords, and binding edges with free machine embroidery. All techniques can be adapted for your own textile projects.

To make a needle case (12cms x 14cms) with a wrapped cord fastening you will need:


o Several lengths of ribbons, braids, or tapes in different widths, colours and textures (you need different types for contrast). Choose a selection that look good together – eg ‘warm colours’, or ‘earthy colours’.

o In the same colour range as your ribbons, braids or tapes, you will need:

o Machine threads – 6 or more colours

o Embroidery threads or yarns – a minimum of 1 metre in 6 colours

o Coloured fabric for the lining (approximately 25cms x 17cms)

o Felt for the inside pages – up to three different colours (approximately 24cms x 14cms)

o White background fabric (approximately 30cms x 20cms)

o Coloured background fabric (approximately 30cms x 20cms)

o Vliesofix/Bondaweb (approximately 25cms x 17cms)


o Sewing machine which has decorative stitches

o Spare machine needles and bobbins

o A darning foot for free machine embroidery*

o Pins, scissors, tape measure

o Cutting mat and rotary cutter*

o Iron, ironing surface, baking parchment*

*these items can be borrowed from the studio if you don’t have them

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