Paper Pieced Stars

When I first learned paper piecing I made a bundle of star blocks on a black background.


I have had these block in a drawer for a few years and came accross them a couple of months ago.


I found with the blocks a bag of scraps of the fabrics I used to make them so made some bright sashing to surround them and used the rest to make the binding.


I tried to take some nice photos of the quilt but the wind got up.


And up, until!


I accepted defeat!

It was good to use the blocks, I think I could have done more with the back of the quilt, but a lot of the blocks had pretty thick seams in places and it would have added a lot of bulk to the quilt if I had added pieced blocks to the back so just left it plain.

4 thoughts on “Paper Pieced Stars

  1. This is georgous! Perfect. Love the bright colours in black.

    Well, you may have accepted defeat with the wind, biput you didn’t accept defeat with paper piecing, like somebody I know!


    1. It just seems that no matter what the weather before I take a quilt out to be photographed as soon as I get the quilt somewhere nice an looking OK up come a breeze and its away! Paper piecing is what I love to work on in the winter on the dining room table with a movie in the back ground. Thanks for your comments it means a lot.


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