Three huge quilts from the USA!

Marianne‘s three quilts.

Number 1 huge quilt.


Marianne and her husband were given these three huge quilts tops while traveling from coast to coast USA in a RV Camper Van.

They were all piced by her uncle who they visited along the way.


I used an edge to edge feather pantographs on each quilt each design different on each quilt.


Number 2 huge quilt.


The fun thing about quilting scrappy quilts is checking out all the different fabrics, where did Marianne’s uncle find all the different scraps?

 Edge to edge quilting in a feather design.


Even bigger quilt number 3!


THis wonderful quilt top was really huge, I guess the biggest I have ever quilted.


But super straigt so lovely to quilt.


I cant show you the finished quilt as I cant find them, I think thay might be still in the camera, if I find them I will add them.

I also quilted this top with an edge to edge feather design but this one also had some pebbles on it too.

Marianne gave me lots of solid fabric for the backings, sage green, red and purple and picked contrasting thread so it would show up on the back as the tops are so colourful and busy the quilting does not show up to well. We then used the leftover backing fabric for the bindings. Quite a quilting marathon but lots of fun


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