Elin’s Christmas quilt.

Elin asked me if I would be happy to quilt the borders only of  Christmas quilt she has beautifully hand embroidered and had hand quilted the middle of the quilt but wanted some simple on the borders.


I attached some extra fabric to the edge of the quilt as I do like to have some space around the quilt to work on. The extra fabric is removed when the quilt is squared up.


I quilted a super simple feather meandering its way around the border.


I wanted the quilting to compliment the hand quilting and not be overpowering.


I used a matching thread so its difficult to see the quilting in my photos but it did look super on the quilt.


I quilted the top and bottm borders and the corners then I removed the quilt from the frame and turned it around to then finish up the side borders.

I decided to use the feather design because of the feather design already on the fabric.

2 thoughts on “Elin’s Christmas quilt.

    1. THanks Janice, Elin’s quilts are so detailed that the quilting must take the back stage. I am going to take more time with photos next year and learn how to get good close ups and the details of each quilt.Some times I forget to even take photos at all! Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year full of joy. Brenda xox


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