Lizzie’s Stonefield quilt

  • 1970385_220262948163360_1413555739_n - kopie

Lizzie Villadsen’s quilt ready to be quilted. Lizzies wanted a feather meander border and was happy to leave the rest of the quilting ideas to me, I am so in awe of the workmanship in theis quilt its mainly hand stitched and decided that the quilting would have to enhance the quilt and not take over.


It took me 5 full working days to compleate the quilt, first quilting in the ditch then I had lots of fun quilting the indivifual blocks. I added a soft feather design to the flying goose border and feather meandered around the amazing hexagon flowers on the outer border.

Lizzie got her extra wide backing fabric and super soft wool batting from Helene Juul’s super shop,

Helene Juul Design, Kunnerupvej 123, Kolt, 8361 Hasselager, CVR 29 11 62 61

check out her links below.






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