Else Marie’s Pineapple quilt


Else Marie’s beautiful pineapple quilt on the machine as I finish the last border.

I stupidly deleated most of the photos of this quilt, sometimes tecnology sometimes bites back! Here are the few I have of this wonderful quilt, it had super wide borders which I quilted with a feather and flower design and added some dragonflies for fun.


You can just see the quilting in this photo.


I meandered the pinapples in the middle so as to enhance Else Marie’s work, I also put dragonflies and a flower mofit in the white dimonds.


My motto is to download your photos straight away, I was lucky I had these on my phone. Else Marie if you have any more photos do send them so I can add them to this blog!


Thank you Else Marie for sending me these close ups of the quilting on her quilt.

purple 1

I love to add extras to the borders and here are the dragonflies, they mimic the dragonflies I noticed in some of the fabric Else used in her lovely quilt.

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