Gitte’s amazing Gravity quilt

Gitte’s Gravity quilt, piece and machine quilted on her domestic sewing machine. Proof you dont need a big longarm quilting machine to quilt your own king size quilt. Gitte lives in Aarhus in an appartment, she is a retired doctor has been patchworking and quilting for many years and quilts all her own quilts and makes them mainly for her family.


Gitte maching quilted this huge quilt on her own machine at home on the kitchen table.


I am a huge fan of Gitte’s work I find it very refreshing and get a lot of insparation from her quilts.

I totally love the way she changes effortlessly from one design to another.

And throws in a feather here and there creating a wonderful effect.

Gitte G

The finished quilt looks amazing in her summer house along with a pillow she made.

Thanks Gitte for sharing your Gravity quilting journey with us, I hope I can show you more of her wonderful work in the future.

Without Gitte’s help, encouragement, advice and support I would not be running my own longarm buisness now, I am so lucky to have a friend like her.

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