Long time gone!

I am so sorry I have not been posting for a long time, I have been ill with shingles, a chest infection and other compications concerning the shingles, I lost way too much weight and along with it all my strength. I am soooo not used to being unwell and had no idea how difficult it can be to get everything done you usually do.  My doctor has given me three months off school and told me to take the rest of the summer of from my quilting work to recover. Yes rest works, I am reading the books I never got time to read, cooking tasty suppers for my self and getting lots of walks, its been a hot early summer so I have been able to lounge in the garden on a couple of quilts and relax, picnics in the woods too. Life is bliss.


This is a Jen Kingwell quilt called Long Time Gone I thought it would be just perfect for this post,I started it in the winter but never got it finished so here it is, done.

I loved making this quilt, I used scraps of fabric from my scrap jars to make it, I only used yardage for the gray sashings.

I quiltied it using a pantograph calle Love Peace and Happiness its my favourite panto and use it a lot on my own quilts.

Can there ever be too many photos of a quilt, no I think not so here are some more.

And more




OK, last one.


So I wish you all love peace and happeness, have a wonderful summer!

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