Rip it up and Start Again a fun new class Julia Triston

This exciting one-day workshop will introduce you to deconstructing and reconstructing old clothing to make new art works – a fundamental part of Julia’s own practice and method of working. You will learn to identify the ‘landmarks’ in old garments and recycle them to make a new ‘assemblage’ with a new identity. Techniques will include layering, collaging and piecing – some by hand, some by machine. You may choose to complete a series of small samples, or make one larger piece on the day.

Date:​​​6th November 2021

Times:​​​10.00 – 15.00

Cost: ​​​750,00 Kr

Venue: ​​Brenda Sanders’s studio in Kolt

Booking by email:​

Refreshments: light refreshments will be provided throughout the day and are included in the price. Please bring your own packed lunch with you.

© Julia Triston 2021

A great new class with award winning and author, British fabric artist Julia Triston.

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