Vibeke’s totally fabulous quilted coat in a day!

I worked with Vibeke on her fabulous quilted coat recently. We lit the stove, had hot coffee on the hob, Vibeke brought fresh bread and Danish pastries.
She used a quit she had made several years ago, she loved the colours and thought it would be a great coat.
Vibeke brought her own pattern with her. She decided that she would like to use as much of the quilt as possible without adding any extra fabric.
She cut the quilt! A scary moment!
The quilt was hand quilted.
She decided to use the borders in the hem, pockets and the front fastenings.
She brought with her beautiful wooden buttons.
Vibeke did all the work herself, I only advised and guided her.
The end result was this totally fabulous coat.
A whole new lease of life to a gorgeous quilt that was loved but sitting on the shelf not used.
What’s great about the coat is that’s it is super cosy in the winter wrapped up with a scarf and gloves but will be equally good in the warmer seasons just worn open over a Tshirt or dress. Well done Vibeke, a great days sewing, I so enjoyed it.

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